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Driving and Vision

Dr. Dahr is obligated to discuss with you a serious topic: the ability to drive safely.  For an unrestricted license, Oklahoma law specifies that
1.     each eye must see at least 20/60.
2.     if one eye is worse than 20/60, the other eye must be at least 20/50 or better.
3.     Visual field of at least seventy degrees in the horizontal meridian. Visual field must be tested with a special machine in your general eye doctor's office.
When these criteria are not met, in some special cases a restricted license may be available.  In some cases restrictions can be placed in terms of daylight driving only, speed limitations, or local driving only. 
For more information, we suggest you contact:
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
PO Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415
Tel. (405) 425-2424 Fax (405) 425-2324
R. LeRoy Carpenter, M.D. is the Executive Medical Secretary for the Department of Public Safety.  His office number is (405) 425-7034.